Research and Teaching Activities

What we have done so far …

Our research in the field of future cities has placed emphasis on expanding the definition of the term sustainability, developing a new product understanding including its implications for product development, continuously analyzing our lifeworld and societal change, the decentralization of our mobility and energy supply as well as critically examining digitization.


The essential titled “Smart City – Future City?” written by Prof. h.c. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh was published by the Springer Vieweg Publishing House in June 2015. The concept of a livable smart city presented in this book highlights the relevance of the functionality and integrated resilience of viable cities of the future. The publication includes a critical analysis of the progressive digitalization that is taking place and identifies the revolutionized energy sector as the basis of urban life. People and their natural environment form the basis of the concept, resulting in a broader definition of sustainability and an enhanced product theory. Smart City 2.0 offers its residents many opportunities and is an attractive future market for innovative products and services. However, it poses numerous challenges for urban stakeholders and product developers.

This publication is available as a print edition and as an e-book. A German version is also available.

Author:    Prof. h.c. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh
Title: Smart City – Future City?
Publisher:    Springer Vieweg 

ISBN (print):
ISBN (eBook):


Key topics:

  • Challenges facing cities
  • Product development for cities
  • Societal change in cities
  • Digitalization of urban life
  • Profile of Smart City 2.0

Teaching Activities

In order to make a further positive contribution besides her consulting activities and research work, Prof. h.c. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh is committed to educating young people. The future of our cities and the actions of future generations are inextricably interlinked. Future stakeholders need relevant, interdisciplinary knowledge, systemic methodological competence, and practice in complex reasoning processes. That is why Prof. h.c. Dr. Etezadzadeh holds lectures on the topic of "product development for smart cities".

Guest lectures held by other experts from the corporate sector, academia, and municipal governments as well as excursions to urban infrastructures round off her series of lectures covering interdisciplinary research topics and practical issues. In the summer semester of 2014, Prof. h.c. Dr. Etezadzadeh received a lectureship at the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Technische Hochschule Köln. Since then, she is holding courses every summer semester. In the future, her courses are furthermore to be held for students from various faculties to enable them to experience interdisciplinary cooperation.